7 Reasons to Move to a New Home in Vancouver

Looking for the perfect place to call home? Want a place to stretch out, relax, and enjoy? Want a place that simply doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet offers singles, couples, families, and empty nesters everything they could ever want in a home?

Maybe it’s time to look for a new home in Vancouver.

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We’re talking Vancouver, Washington, not its close-by neighbor, and more widely known, Vancouver Canada. Locals differentiate it by calling it Vancouver USA or even affectionately, The Couve.

But whatever you prefer to call it, once you find the hidden secrets right here within the city limits, we’re sure you’ll never want to call any other place home ever again.

Here are just 7 reasons you’ll want to move to the ever more coveted Vancouver.

You Can Save, Save, Save
Vancouver is a town that has the best of all worlds.

Want a place that feels like a small town? Check.
Want access to everything you desire in a big city? Check.
Want to save money in the process? Check.

Vancouver remains popular with retirees who take advantage of the no state income tax, which makes your retirement checks stretch a little further. It’s also a place where families can stretch their housing budgets just a little further by being close to some of the most popular employers in the nation, while giving their kids every advantage of living in a safe community.
Vancouver’s location also gives you the advantage of driving over the river and shopping on the Oregon side, which has no sales tax. Your favorite stores – Target, Ikea, Costco, etc – are all minutes away and worth the drive when you see how far your budget stretches.

And because a lot of the entertainment around here is free (biking, hiking, kayaking, rowing, sailing … need we say more?) you’ll save even more by enjoying all nature has to offer on your days and weekends off.

Location, Location, Location
You don’t have to look very far to escape the concrete jungle here in Vancouver. Even when you invest in a new home in the middle of a community, a short drive will have you in some of the most beautiful counties in the world. It’s so quiet and peaceful, you’ll swear it was created just for you.

Right outside our windows are breathtaking views of Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood. The Columbia River is a short distance away. And with the bridges that connect it to Oregon, the ships and boats that dot the horizon, and a skyline that changes every second of the day, you’ll never tire of the location.

Right outside your door, you’ll have a lawn that stays green every month of the year. If you enjoy an ever-changing landscape, you’ll never go wrong here in the Pacific Northwest. It never gets too cold to lose the color that comes with hundreds of different plants and trees that make up our communities. While fall is beautiful with the golds, browns, and reds, winter brings out its own natural beauty as clusters of orange, purple, and yellow flowers come to life. Spring and summer simply continue the glory.

When people coined the term “laid back,” they must have been talking about the Pacific Northwest. No matter where you go in Vancouver, you’re just as likely to see jeans and rain boots as you are business attire. In fact, with so many outdoor sporting and athletic companies making the Pacific Northwest their headquarters, you can kind of say “casual wear” is “required wear” just about everywhere.

Laid back is a way of life here. And it’s not just in the way we dress. We expect it in our homes too. We need a mudroom to handle the mountains of rain boots and kayaking gear and biking essentials our families will drop off every day. We need rooms where family and friends gather to plan their next adventure. And we need kitchens to refuel between all of the experiences The Couve offers us each day.

And, when you’re ready to create a new home here in Vancouver that is built specifically around the way you choose to live, it might benefit you to look for a new home where others have similar lifestyles.

If you aren’t from the Pacific Northwest, you might have the impression that it’s synonymous with rain. People assume the Pacific Northwest has 365 days of rain, and clouds and fog are the only thing you’ll ever see.

Rain is a big part of life here in Vancouver, but it’s really not that bad. In fact, many days we don’t get rain at all. It mists. Just a fine layer of moisture that keeps everything green and luscious.

You get used to it. You’ll quickly become like the natives and forget you even have an umbrella. Because it’s just as easy to pull up the hood on your raincoat if you really want to escape the mist.

And when we see the sun, life becomes one big party. That’s when your outside entertaining areas come to life. It spills over from your home, to your neighborhood, and even out into the community. You’ll find outdoor concerts almost every night of the week in the summer, celebrating the most beautiful days of the year.

The Pacific Northwest loves its coffee. We’re known all over the world for it, and Vancouver shares in the coffee snobbery.

But we’re here to help you learn more about it too. We have all kinds of entrepreneurs taking their turns at creating a memorable coffee shop experience. You’ll quickly find your favorite a short walk from home or the office, a place to stop after dropping the kids off at school, or simply to sit and plan your next business venture.

And if you want to stay in and bring a little of the experience home with you, there’s always the option of brewing a fresh pot right from the comfort of your own gourmet kitchen.

Sometimes home is the best place to be.

The Arts
The arts scene is booming here, and there are dozens of ways for you to participate. You’ll be surprised at how many musicians call this area home. You’ll be even more surprised at how open they are, showing up in the smallest places for impromptu concerts. Try First Friday Art Walks that will take you through galleries and public projects that are happening all over town. If you want to try your hand at your own creative skill, there’s a place for you to do that too. From cooperatives to local classes, you’ll find other people who want to dabble in the arts as much as you do.

Kids and Families First
Why do so many people choose Vancouver for a new home? Because it’s a great place to raise kids.

Vancouver is known for its award-winning school system. In fact, it’s a top reason so many families choose to call Vancouver home, even when they work in Portland.

Vancouver is also a place where you’ll feel safe enough to let your kids live a little and do what kids like to do. They have highly active athletic leagues to join. Or try out one of the many community projects where kids are encouraged to participate.

So, are you ready to move to a new home in Vancouver?