Communities in Vancouver Attract Local Workers

There are endless reasons to move to one of the beautiful communities in Vancouver. Washington has no income tax. Oregon has no sales tax and is a hop, skip, and a jump away. Access to breweries and hikes are right in your backyard. And, best yet, it’s become the place to both live and work.

No more long commutes on I-5 as you sit in parking lot traffic. No more late dinners by yourself because your family already ate by the time you arrived home. No more missed events because you just couldn’t get there.

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Those miserable drives are behind you. In fact, you might not even have to get in the car at all. That would be so much better! In fact, did you realize that commuting times from Vancouver to Portland are way, way up?

A new study revealed that travel time from SR-500 in Washington to Jantzen Beach in Oregon is up 300%, and that’s just between 2011 and 2015. It’s probably even worse now!

Similarly, a report from the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council says the number of cars crossing the Interstate Bridge each day has increased to 294,000, up from 273,000.

According to an article in Koin, Jack Burkman, Chair of the Regional Transportation Council, says that money is a major reason the commute is so bad. He told Koin that $200 million has already been spent on a bridge that was never built and federal funding isn’t expected until 2020. Instead, he said, they are looking into small changes to ease the burden, admitting, “They are not going to fix it but will help a little.”

Do you really want to deal with the ever-crowded commute, waiting for a new bridge that may or may not arrive to ease the pain? No! And you shouldn’t have to.

When you choose to live and work in Vancouver your commute will be so much better, improving your overall lifestyle.

Sick of your Portland commute? Here are just some options if you opt to live and work in one of the many communities in Vancouver.

Take a Walk
Will you live close to work when you choose Vancouver as your base? If so, talk a walk to work. You’ll save money and improve your health. Or, talk a stroll to a nearby bus station. You’ll burn around 50 calories just by talking a 15-minute walk around.

Ride Your Bicycle
Bikes are a fun and resourceful alternative to driving. Like walking, you’ll get a workout and save money. You’ll also get there so much faster. Consider this option if you live 20 miles or less to work. Don’t forget to lock it up, wear a helmet, ride in the bike lane, and obey traffic laws. Keep safety as a priority and you just might have found your favorite way to commute.

Hop on the Bus
Not into breaking a sweat before the morning meeting? Then maybe the bus is the way to go. The bus gets a bad rap, but it’s environmentally friendly and one of the most relaxed and affordable ways to commute to work. Just open a book or pop on headphones and rest your eyes. Before you know it, you’ll be at the office.

Work From Home
More and more often companies are offering the opportunity to work remotely. Even if it’s only one day a week, take advantage. You can leisurely rise and sip your coffee in your sweatpants as you log in and check email. Then go for a quick run and shower before your 10 am call. Maybe even have lunch with your spouse or kids. You’ll be more productive and get more family and workout time.

Alternatively, co-working spaces are picking up steam. If you just can’t concentrate at home, find a co-working location nearby. For an affordable fee, you can pop in as needed or even on a daily basis. Their reliable Wi-Fi, endless coffee, and actual desk space is way better than the café around the corner.

Consider a Carpool
Do you live near some co-workers you enjoy spending time with? If you have the same hours, consider a carpool. Even with just two people, you’ll split your gas bill by half each month and have a stressless commute as you sit back on alternating days.

Don’t like your co-workers? Maybe a friendly neighbor works in one of the nearby communities in Vancouver? Take a chance and try a carpool with her.

Try Vanpooling
If the bus just isn’t a commuting option based on the communities in Vancouver you live or work, C-TRAN offers a Vanpooling service. If your commute starts, stops or passes through Clark County, you are eligible. The Vanpool is prearranged and transports between 5 and 13 people.

Rent a Zipcar
Don’t have a car and don’t need one on a regular basis? Take a chance on a car sharing service like Zipcar. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be rented by the hour or by the day, based on your needs.

Let’s face it. You want to move to one of the amazing communities in Vancouver because you just don’t want to deal with the commute to Portland, and we totally get it. And, with so many commuting options by your dream home, maybe it’s just time to live and work in Vancouver.

So, are you ready to move?