5 Ways to Customize Your Home Garage

A garage can be so much more than just a place to park your car. By incorporating just a few customization options, your garage can add to your home’s curb appeal, simplify your life, or double as a hangout spot for you and your friends.

If you’re looking to customize your home and want a little inspiration, you’ve come to just the right place. At New Tradition Homes, we specialize in customizing homes to reflect personal taste and lifestyle needs. So if you’re seeking an upgrade or want a completely new look, here are five ways to customize your home garage.

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Rev up the exterior of your garage and your home’s overall appeal with custom garage doors. Many standard garage doors are drab and boring, but they needn’t be. If you have a rustic style home, for instance, consider installing carriage garage doors with barn door hardware. If you want to avoid a complete design overhaul, even adding simple touches like new hardware to your garage doors will update and modernize the look. There are many ways to customize your home even if you’re on a budget. Adding features like iron handles, knockers, or other decorative hardware that complements the architectural design of your home is a simple, cost-effective way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Next, consider how you intend to use your garage. If you plan to use it primarily as a storage space for tools and other supplies, you’ll want to think about your custom shelving options. Wall storage is a great way to free up garage space and keep everything well organized. Bikes, for instance, can be mounted to walls in order to maximize garage floor space. On the other hand, if you want to keep your walls free of clutter, consider installing a garage ceiling pulley system. These systems use platforms that are capable of holding heavier items. You can even install a car lift to hold an extra car in the garage if you don’t have sufficient floor space for your spare.

On the other hand, if you do have extra space in your garage, consider converting the space into another type of area that suits your needs. A garage can double as a home office, gym, or a bar area for entertaining guests. If you have the space, add a pool table or dart board in order to convert your garage into a game room. Or mount a TV to the wall to make it a true entertainment venue. You can even install a screen for the garage door. This will let natural light into the space while also keeping mosquitos and flies at bay as you entertain away.

Remember that your garage space is an extension of your home and it should feel that way. Instead of making it look austere or utilitarian, decorate the walls with unique signs or photos to give it a more personal feel. Or even some type of road artwork. Consider pieces that will complement the space, such as artwork made from road maps or license plates. To give it a more personal touch, you can even hang license plates or memorabilia from every state you’ve visited. Or simply display framed photos of your favorite road trips on the wall. This will make a great conversation piece if you do plan to entertain guests in your garage.

Another aspect to consider when customizing your garage is adequate lighting. A lot of garages have a drab and dreary feel to them, but lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a room. Your garage space is no exception. Again, think about how you want to use the space and what your personal needs are. If you’re an avid car collector, you may want to opt for some spot lighting to display the cars in the best possible light. LED accent lighting is an energy efficient option that will enhance the look of your garage. You can even install multi-color LED strips. Changing the color of your lighting will give your garage space a showroom look, perfect for displaying your prized automobiles.

For bar areas, you can use LED lighting underneath the bar to create a modern, upscale feel. Or incorporate some recessed LED lighting with dimmers over the bar for a more relaxed atmosphere. Implementing professional lighting is a great way to customize your home. You can create mood lighting for entertaining or use accent lighting to showcase classic cars or other collector items.

Finally, think about soundproofing your walls. If you’re a musician who plans to use the garage to rehearse or if you plan to play music when you entertain, soundproofing your walls would be a great feature to consider. Even if you simply plan to use your garage space to work on the car or tackle do-it-yourself projects, soundproofing is great if you have other people inside the home or near by. You can work or entertain without worrying about disturbing anyone else, such as the neighbors. Likewise, soundproofing your walls will also block outside noise, such as traffic, if you live in a congested area or have neighbors who like to host raucous pool parties.

Ultimately, the best customization features for your garage will depend on you. But your options are virtually limitless when it comes to customizing your home. You can even add an additional level to your garage or build it out beyond its existing framework. Remember, when tackling larger projects, it’s best to consult with experts.

So whether you’re looking to customize your garage space or build your dream home from the ground up, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your vision for your garage or home, at New Tradition Homes, we have the skills and experience to make that dream a reality.