Where to Find Inspiration for Your Home

Thinking of purchasing a new home? The process can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Where do you begin? What style of home will most fit your family’s lifestyle? What location is best? How will you decorate?

One of the most thrilling reasons to buy a new home is to have the ability to design it yourself. But that almost always comes with the nagging feeling of wondering if you’re choosing the correct items along the way.

What you need is inspiration. What you need is a vision for your outcome. That’s where New Tradition Homes can help. We’ve been providing inspiration for home designs for people just like you for almost thirty years.

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When we talk with potential buyers, we stretch beyond the standard advice and help you find your inspiration in different ways. After all, you’re not like anyone else, so why find your inspiration from the usual places?

As you’re creating your wish list full of wants and needs, you can get inspiration from any of the following:

Blogs and Pinterest
One of the easiest places to start is online. And while this may be the first place you think of to gain inspiration, there are many ways to be inspired. Begin by visiting some of the most common design sites and blogs – Better Homes and Gardens is filled with inspiration every month in their print magazine, which also carries over into its website.

If you haven’t set up a Pinterest account yet, now is the time. With just a few searches, you can begin finding a variety of ideas to help you design and decorate your home to your liking. While you can follow as many people and boards as you desire, also consider setting up your own board to track your ideas (Try Future Home Inspiration or Interiors I Dream Of, two top rated boards to get you started). You can also use your Pinterest board to share with your designer when making your final selections. This will help everyone understand what you like, and they’ll be able to make suggestions accordingly.

Get Out With Your Phone
Chances are you never leave home without your phone. And when it comes to inspiration, that can be a good thing. Good ideas often come from the most common places. Maybe you like a wall at your favorite coffee shop or a display at your favorite store or the color of green as you hike through your favorite park.

Document those places by snapping a picture. Then organize them into albums to help you share with your design consultant, or even for inspiration while you shop. You now have the perfect shade of green right at your fingertips; you can use it for every decision you make. You can also use a color generator app like Coolors to help you generate color palettes, defining complementary colors to use throughout your home.

Take A Vacation
Have you ever noticed there’s a pattern to the places you take vacations? Do you long for warm tropical islands with blue waters and white sand beaches? Are you motivated by mountain retreats, hiking through lush, green forests? Or maybe you like the nightlife and urban vibe that comes from the most populated cities in the world?

No matter what your vacation preferences are, use that as inspiration for your home design.

Love for tropical places with white sandy beaches may inspire you to choose light décor, white kitchen cabinets, and soft carpeting throughout. A preference for a rich city life may inspire you to install contemporary style with dark granite countertops and exotic hardwood floors.

Head back to photographs of your favorite vacation spots and use them as inspiration. What did you like most about the locations you chose? What made them memorable? Don’t stop at looking at past vacations, look towards the future. Open up a few of the best travel magazines in the industry and use them to stimulate your creative juices for design.

Take A Risk
Have you ever performed all your research, talked yourself into a big change, only to scramble back to the “safe” route once it comes time to put your ideas into action? Of course, you have, we all have done it throughout our lives. It could be something as simple as a new haircut, or something a little more critical such as selecting new carpet.

It’s human nature to play it safe. We all want to avoid as much risk as possible. Yet risk doesn’t always have to hurt, sometimes it can arouse our senses and awaken our creative sides once and for all.

You know your limits. You also know how good it feels to try new things. Lean on your design team to help select the right choices for you. And don’t be afraid to push your limits and choose things well beyond your comfort zone. Yes, designing a new house can mean installing things you’ll have to live with for years. But it’s just as easy to fall in love with a new choice. And it may be the perfect addition to your new home.

Get Active In Other Activities
Sometimes our inspirations come from doing rather than looking.

We’ve all found our perfect kitchen ideas on the pages of a magazine. But there’s something about taking a cooking class and playing with gourmet foods that can influence you like no other. It can allow you to showcase your wild side! Maybe a fully stocked chef’s pantry is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It can highlight your practicality, for instance, maybe a pot filler faucet will make your nightly tasks a little easier.

And while a cooking class at your local culinary school can provide inspiration for your new home, look to other interests as well. How about a gardening class to incorporate color into your rooms; a natural habitat in your outdoor living space? Or maybe an art class to give you a new perspective on color, helping you select the ideal patterns for every room in your home?

Is a new home in your future? Maybe it’s time for a little inspiration. We’re ready to help you design the perfect dream home for your lifestyle. Stop by New Tradition Homes today!