Building a New Home: Important Details You Won’t Want to Overlook

It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture when you’re building a new home, so much so that you’ll forget the important details that will make your home more livable. It will be those details though that make your home special; that make it your home. With that in mind, here are important details to think about to make your new home design stand out.

Start In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You will spend the majority of your time and make the most memories between these walls. You simply cannot overplan a well-equipped kitchen. This is an area you’ll be every day with tools you’ll use daily.

Pay special attention to cabinets, counters, flooring and appliances. Upgrading to a higher quality product will provide additional features you can enjoy, and may even pay you back from the beginning. A quality, energy efficient refrigerator, for example, may save on utility bills every single month. But it may also provide a way to keep food fresher, longer, lowering the cost of your monthly food bills as well.

Look towards the little features that will matter most for the way you live. A quiet dishwasher can let your kids finish their schoolwork while you clean up. A double oven will allow you to fix a variety of foods at the same time. Undercounter beverage centers can allow kids and guests access to helping themselves without getting in the way of food preparation.

Cabinets, too, are difficult and expensive to replace. Even simple upgrades can make all the difference. Consider dovetail joinery and divided drawers. Purchase cabinets as tall and as wide as possible for a sleeker look, and to gain access to plenty of storage. Also, look for soft-close doors and drawers, and premium hinges that will help extend the life of your cabinetry.

Ample Storage

No one has ever said they have too much storage. There are always ways to add more or make what you have more functional. Start by looking at the closets. No matter how deep or wide, no matter if it’s tucked beneath a stairwell, or takes up floor space in your master suite, make it as efficient as it can be.

Stretch beyond the basic shelves and rods, and customize each closet for maximum efficiency. There are many ways to increase efficiency – shelves, drawers, rods, baskets, boxes and hangers can all be installed to make every inch of space functional.

And while much of your storage resides behind closed doors, don’t forget to maximize your space in other rooms as well. Built-in bookcases add function and style to family rooms, bedrooms, office space, even kitchen space.

Increase Your Light

Lighting is often overlooked, especially when building a new home. Lighting adds to the ambiance of the home. It can make a home appear larger. It can make a home safer.

The three key areas to focus on are: your kitchen, your bathrooms, and your outdoor space. In the kitchen, most designers stop with recessed lights and pendants over the island. But you can add ceiling fixtures, install under-cabinet lighting, or even add lights to the space above your cabinets for an added glow.

In the bath, lighting overhead isn’t always the best choice. Choose lights that are more task oriented for a softer look, to help you apply your makeup, or to help you shave.

When lighting outside areas, always keep in mind safety. Light pathways, sidewalks, porches and patios. Make sure you have adequate light in entryways. When in doubt, light the way.

Switches, Outlets, and Faucets

Work with your builder to determine where switches, outlets, and faucets will be installed, both inside and out. Are they in functional places? Do the meet your needs?

At the time a new home is being built, adding additional functionality is a relatively easy task. Think about your needs. Where will you place your Christmas tree? Will you decorate the outside of your home for the holidays? Will your built-in bookshelves don electric décor? How will you be positioning electronics and entertainment in different rooms of your home?

Don’t forget to consider how you live outside as well. How about a natural gas line to install a grill or fireplace? Or installing an extra faucet to increase convenience for accessing water?

Building a new home allows you to install everything right the first time, so explore and plan for everything.

Upgrade Your Flooring

In some cases, your flooring can last for decades if you choose the right material. Spend time considering options for each room of your home. While wood is an ever-popular choice, today’s tiles offer unlimited looks and a wealth of advantages. How about installing radiant heating under tile in your bathroom for a warm floor on those chilly mornings? It can also be a durable option in high-traffic, moisture-prone areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and entryways.


Sometimes the best places to splurge are the places you can’t see. By insulating your home with better quality insulation, your summers will be cooler, your winters will be warmer, and your energy bills will be lower every month.

To save on the amount of water you use, choose energy efficient appliances, and look for even better ways to handle daily functionality. A tankless water heater will allow you to heat water only as you demand it. Also, make sure that water-wise faucets, showerheads, and toilets are installed to decrease the amount of water you’ll use every day.

The Way You Live

No matter if you’ve been living in a studio apartment, or if you’re lived in a home for many years, building a new home lets you personalize and customize how you see fit.

What are the things that drove you crazy with previous homes? What have you always dreamed of making more functional? By building from the ground up, your options, wishes and desires are limitless. Talk with builder a New Tradition and share your dreams. You’ll love the results. And will be happy with them for many years to come.