Why Richland Washington is Still the Best Place to Raise Kids

People all across the U.S. move to new parts of the country for a variety of reasons:

  • Some move to attend college and experience a new geographical location.
  • Some move to a new city as jobs and career goals change.
  • Then when the time is right, some move to a new city to live the best life possible. They find a place that will be great to raise a family.
Why Richland Washington is Still the Best Place to Raise Kids- New Tradition Realty, Real Estate, Selling a Home, Buying a Home, Realty Southwest Washington, Vancouver WA Real Estate

And here in the Pacific Northwest, one of the top locations is Richland, Washington.

Just a few years ago, Kiplinger.com called Richland, Washington the second best city to raise kids. And in those few years, Richland, Washington just keeps getting better.

If you’re looking for a family oriented community with a lot of job opportunities, and even more recreational opportunities to have fun on the weekends, it might be time to call Richland home.

Good schools
The Richland school district provides education for just over 12,000 students. Its mission is to provide educational excellence to allow children to become critical thinkers and passionate learners. Their goal is to help children contribute and become responsible, successful members of our global society.

Evidence of this is in the students and teachers who are consistently recognized as high achievers for their skills. Hanford High School received the “Washington State Achievement Award for High Progress and Reading Growth”. Students consistently take home awards in education and extracurricular activities, including top prizes in music theater, dance, science and engineering, and many have even made it to the finals of the National Dean’s List.

As of this last year, 81 staff members have earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, which is the highest credential in the teaching profession.

Test scores are up. Learning is fun. And families across Richland are saying that the great schools in the community are a big factor when choosing a place to call home.

Safe neighborhoods
When looking for a Richland home, another factor that makes the decision a little easier is the safety factor. According to Safewise, Richland, Washington tops the list at number six, making it one of the safest cities for families to live in. Safewise uses independent research from FBI Crime Reports to rank cities with populations of 5,000 people or more.

And if you visit Richland, Washington, you’ll quickly see why. Richland is a very active community. It’s a walkable city. And when you invest in your Richland home, you’ll instantly join a large group of people that want to get out and stay active in much the same way. Whether you bike, hike, walk, or just spend the afternoon talking with friends while your kids play at the local park, this active community gets out and shares with one another, and is absolutely safe.

High income levels
Part of what keeps this a friendly, active community is the opportunity for finding high income level positions.

You’ll find a lot of opportunities at the largest employers in the community: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Mission Support Alliance, Washington River Protection Solutions, and CH2M Hill to name a few.

Richland is currently boasting an average family income level of around $95,620 per year. That’s more than enough for a family to live comfortably on and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle in the process.

Parks and recreation
Many families consider making Richland home because of its livable lifestyle. While the Tri-City area provides all the comforts of a large city, it hasn’t lost its small-town feel. Because it’s not just a suburb of a much larger city, Richland maintains a quaintness that only comes from being a part of a smaller community. And that’s a critical factor for many who choose to call it home.

When the job ends and playtime begins, you can be at any of your favorite activities within minutes.

Richland is home to more than 29 park areas. Whether you choose to let the kids play or take the family dog out for a walk, you’ll find miles and miles of trails that can help you relax and unwind.

Prefer to take your kayak out for the day? The Columbia River is nearby, offering unlimited opportunities to paddle your worries away for an hour or a whole day!

Fishing ponds, splash parks, excellent restaurants, and lots of entertainment are in Richland and ready for the taking whenever you desire. This part of the Columbia is home to a collection of great wineries and breweries as well, allowing you to sample some of the most sophisticated flavors around. And if you choose to expand your knowledge of wine, you can even head to the local Washington State University and take part in their Viticulture and Enology program, to learn all about the business and science of wine.

Build a new home
Moving to a new area doesn’t have to mean giving up your dreams of owning your dream home. In fact, it may be easier than you think when you head to the Richland area.

New Tradition Homes have been building houses in the Richland community for years, and they have built homes for families just like yours.

Want the ability to put your own designs and finishing touches into your dream home? That’s possible. Ready to find an eco-friendly home that can help you be more energy efficient every day? That’s possible too.

In fact, building a new home in Richland will allow you to have the very best in today’s technology, all while creating the perfect place that your family will treasure for years to come.

New Tradition Homes are leaders in green home construction, leading the way in building healthier, more energy efficient houses.

We understand family dynamics change, which is why you’ll find our New Generation home plans that are perfect for all of your family’s needs. Whether you’re just starting a family with a baby on the way, or are a part of the sandwich generation with kids, parents, and grandparents all under the same roof, there’s a plan that is perfect for you. Contact us today for even more information and find out why more and more people are calling Richland home.