Best Breweries & Brewpubs in Vancouver

One of the most important factors when it comes to where Washington home builders will decide to develop their next set of homes – and really, this applies to the development of homes or buildings anywhere – is location. And what makes a desirable location? Generally, that would be a safe area that has plenty of fun activities in which to partake. This usually means close proximity to bars, restaurants, concert halls, and sporting events.

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A rising trend in where people tend to want to spend their leisure time involves breweries and brewpubs. Sometimes these breweries are simply a place where different beers are made, but more often they are also places where you can eat, drink, and listen to live music. Those breweries – the ones that are more or less all-encompassing – have essentially turned themselves into one-stop shopping for nighttime entertainment.

With that being the case, these breweries can potentially add a lot of value to a neighborhood and inspire a lot of new home construction in the surrounding area. Think about it: Who wouldn’t want to live near a place they could go to any night of the week to kick back, relax, have fun, and forget all of life’s problems?

Vancouver, WA, is no exception, and Washington home builders are unquestionably keeping a close eye on the emergence of several excellent breweries in the area and the potential economic windfall new housing developments in the area could bring as a result. The area is quickly emerging as one of the next great beer towns and that means a likely spike in the amount of people who will want to live nearby. It is possible that spike could lead to even more great breweries in Vancouver, but if you live there now or plan to travel there in the near future, here are a few great existing options:

(1) Trusty Brewing Co – This one is relatively new, as it only opened in 2016, but the beer is in the hands of a very experienced brewer named Gary Paul, who has been making beer for two decades. After doing it part time all those years, he decided to give it a go full time in 2016 and opened Trusty Brewing Co. in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It features an open kitchen and offers standard bar food like nachos, pretzels, and peanuts, as well as healthier veggie options for those on a health kick. Live music is frequently on the menu as well.

(2) Old Ivy Brewery – Known for its beautiful patio area, the variety of beer is vast and the menu is much more than you might expect at a brewery. There are happy hour specials, and your standard wings and soups, but also a nice selection of salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

For those of you who like a night out and a good beer, but want to eat relatively healthy, the “No Moo” burger – a quinoa based burger with seasonal greens, tomato, and onion – is an outstanding choice and one of the more creative menu items you are likely to find at a brewery. In addition to the extensive menu of food and beer, this downtown Vancouver establishment also features a packed schedule of tasting events.

(3) Feral Public House – One of the homes of Heathen Brewing, which prides itself on providing new and different beers – like their top flavor Transcend IPA – that cannot be found elsewhere, this downtown Vancouver brewery uses local ingredients and loves to unveil seasonal and experimental beer.

Beer can be purchased by the barrel or the glass while its menu features everything from red hot wings to sandwiches, burgers, and even multiple types of pizza (including goat cheese, which is an interesting but somewhat terrifying choice). You can also pick up your very own Heathen Brewing t-shirt, sweatshirt, or shorts.

(4) Loowit Brewing Co. – Located downtown near the Vancouver Hilton, this brewery may have the most extensive list of fun activities to accompany your beer drinking and eating. Established in 2012 by two Vancouver natives, the variety of beer is plentiful and the quality is excellent, as judged by the Washington Beer Awards which have awarded them multiple medals for the superiority of their product over the past five years.

Seriously, a look at the wide array of medals they have won for their beer that they have listed on their website reads like a laundry list and may feature more gold medals than Michael Phelps. As for the list of fun activities, that includes a tap room, darts, arcade games, and of course, live music. Loowit is known for hosting live music every night and giving a stage to some of Vancouver’s top local music acts. Plus, like Feral Public House, you can also buy your very own Loowit gear.

And those are just a few places to get you started in the Vancouver area. Not only is business booming for these breweries, but there are more and more continuing to pop up in the surrounding area. With their increased popularity, it stands to reason that a greater number will be built in the future. Places like Trusty Brewing, Old Ivy, Feral Public House, and Loowit Brewing are becoming city staples and present a potentially tremendous opportunity for Washington home builders. After all, with the reputations of these establishments growing in stature by the day and more like them potentially on the way, the surrounding area is becoming very desirable to live.

Whether it is the great live music at Loowit, the No Moo burger at Old Ivy, the goat cheese pizza at Feral, the open kitchen atmosphere at Trusty – or, of course, the great homebrews found at all of these establishments – downtown Vancouver is slowly but surely becoming the place to be and a tremendous asset to the value of homes in the neighborhood, because location is king and the convenience of living around the corner from the party is invaluable.