6 Ways to Decorate a Large Blank Wall

Buying your first home is an exciting time in any person’s life. It’s a new beginning, a new pallet to make memories on, and a fun new endeavor. You have the opportunity to pick out all of the furniture to furnish your new home, and choose décor that reflects your personality and the needs of you and your family.

Decorating new homes is a fun time for all. But, sometimes it can be intimidating. Have you found yourself standing in your new home, looking up at a large blank wall and your mind going completely blank as you do not know what to do with it?

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You do not want to leave it blank, but what else is there to do? Where does one even begin?

Well, that’s why we at New Tradition Homes are here to help you. We want to inspire you; help you create and fulfill any vision that you may have, or one that we may be able to come up with together.

We would love for you to call us or come in for a consultation with our Design Center, but until then, here are six ways you can decorate a large blank wall in your new home.

Go With One Favorite, Large Piece

Whether it is go-to artwork from an artist you admire, a canvas print of something that holds meaning to you, or just a piece of large décor you found while out shopping that fits the color scheme of your room, sometimes, one piece is all it takes.

This sounds pretty simple, right? Just one piece and you are done? Well, yes. But, you must be sure that it is the right piece for the space.

Tip: If you do opt for choosing one large piece, keep in mind that it does not need to fill up the entire blank wall. In fact, that can cause everything to look cluttered and take away from its beauty.

Choose Two Matching or Complementary Pieces

If you do not want to have just one item to aw over, there is the option of finding two matching or complementary pieces of art. The important thing with choosing two or more is to ensure that they flow together and with the room.

For instance, you may opt for the same photograph or piece of art, but it doesn’t have to be. You may instead choose art of the same size and share similarities or that are symmetrical or balance one another instead.  

Flow is important when choosing two matching pieces for a blank wall in new homes, so don’t be afraid to change your mind even after they’re placed on the wall. You may find it just doesn’t feel right and decide to change things up.

Tip: If you choose this option, remember to be mindful of the size, materials, colors, and alignment of the pieces. If they do not match or do not pair well together, do not force it. You’ll notice the difference.

Opt For Textiles

Are you just not feeling that photography is the choice to add some life to that large blank wall?

That’s entirely okay as there are many other options out there, such as choosing textiles instead.

Do you have a piece of tapestry that you purchased on a trip overseas? This wall is the perfect place for you to showcase it.

Do you have a blanket or quilt that has run in your family for generations? Hang it on the wall.

Do you have a large map of your favorite place or of where your ancestors came from? This blank wall can be home to that instead. The opportunities are endless!  

Tip: When choosing textiles, the piece does need to look cohesive with the rest of your décor. If you already have the large, textile piece that you would like to hang on your blank wall, be sure that you choose décor that will highlight, supplement, and flow with the artwork.

Create a Gallery Wall

Why just have one or two pieces hung up when you have an entire blank wall to create on? Whereas this may intimidate some, it is a fun adventure for others.

If you go this route, you do not need to be careful that the size, alignment, frame, materials, and colors all match. Have fun and let your creativity run loose!

Tip: When creating a gallery wall, remember that despite the variation in the frames, photos, alignment, and so on, everything should still be carefully curated as you showcase some form of continuity.  

For instance, if you like to travel, use this gallery wall as a way to showcase pictures from your travels. If you want a clean and crisp look and feel, choose black and white photos to hang instead.

Show Off Your Hobbies

Have you been collecting baseball cards since you were a child? Records? Sports memorabilia? Concert tickets? Magazine or newspaper covers? Whatever your answer may be, this large, blank wall in your new home is the perfect place to put your hobbies on display.

Why keep them packed away in boxes where no one can see them when you have this new, perfect space for them?

Tip: Depending on what your collection is, some things will easily fit into frames and can be displayed that way, whereas others will not. Do not be afraid to install shelves on this wall or mount on the wall itself.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Peg Boards

Peg boards have become more and more popular. They are a fantastic place to put plants, vases, frames, and other forms of décor you want to showcase in your home.

If you are up for the challenge, they are even DIY! However, do not worry if you are not. There are so many options available still. Peg boards are great as you can continue to easily add shelving to it, as needed.

Tip: Peg boards should be a reflection of you and your family! Yes, they are a way for you to beautify your space, but also to highlight your personality and style.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate large, blank walls in new homes. It may seem intimidating at first, but think of it as a window of opportunity.

You are able to turn this blank wall into anything you want it to be – from showing off a couple of your favorite photographs to creating an entire wall filled with your favorite plants and décor. The possibilities are truly endless!