5 Benefits to Building in New Housing Developments

When searching for a lot to build your new home, there are many options. From buying “the worst house on the best block” for a total teardown, to a sparse empty lot where you’re the first to build.

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Then there is the option to build in a new housing development. Each has its own advantages, but here are 5 benefits to building in brand new developments.

1.  High Baseline Standards. 

By building in a new housing development you are ensuring that your home’s foundation, both literally and figuratively, is up to the most current standards.

Plumbing, electric, and construction methodologies—including energy and environmental efficiencies—are all taken into account from the structural decisions through the appliance options.

New housing developments are always on the cutting edge of the latest codes and variances, and they take that attention to detail to heart. New Tradition Homes is the Northwest’s leader in energy efficient home building, earning the national ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award in both 2016 and 2017. We are committed to building 100% of housing to meet both ENERGY STAR® and Built Green Washington® third-party certifications.

When building in new home developments you can also find security in knowing that not only is your home’s water, gas, HVAC and electric the highest quality, but also the lines serving your home and community have been newly laid and carefully planned and available for years to come.

Outside of your mortgage, the highest cost of homeownership is energy. With home energy costs skyrocketing, it only makes sense to find out how energy efficient a home really is. New housing developments such as those by New Tradition Homes take great pride in building with regard to the Home Efficiency Rating Scale (HERS). You will know before you live in a home the energy efficiencies expected.

2.  Everyone is New to the Neighborhood. 

Like you, your neighbors have chosen to build in a new housing development. They’ve faced similar financial preparation to secure their lot and mortgage. Made the same decisions over their elected city, and finalized details to select their lot size, house model or custom build, plus have chosen the materials, colors, landscaping, and so much more to make their newly built house their home.

And like you, they chose this particular development over any other in which to set roots. You aren’t walking into a neighborhood where people have lived for years, decades, or even generations. You and your neighbors are establishing a new dynamic to build your lives. Enjoy sharing the sidewalks and any communal parks or playgrounds as you start new relationships that, like your new landscaping, can bloom for years to come.

3.  Nearby Amenities. 

By building in new home developments, the often tumultuous search for the best location has been handled for you. Master-planned communities usually take into consideration proximity to schools, hospitals, places of worship, expressways, and necessities such as grocery shopping and fueling stations.

If they’re not in range, often these types of businesses follow the building of new housing developments. Additional amenities such as on-site or nearby shopping, dining or transportation hubs may also be benefits of choosing to build somewhere just establishing its roots.

Furthermore, building in new housing developments might offer you the opportunity to choose your lot. From landing the corner position to one with western sun or overlooking a certain landscaping feature, these are all potential allowances that may be available to you.

4.  Mortgage Simplicity.

 Securing a home mortgage is rarely an easy process. However, buying in new housing developments may provide advantageous.

One opportunity may be a centralized lender and title company serving all transactions within the area. This can often expedite service as a number of questions and documents are consistent and at the ready of the buyer’s contact.

The housing developer may also offer incentives to home purchases including valuable closing cost credits. Should you be a member of active military service or veteran, the home builder may offer additional credits or in the case of Clark County, Washington veterans and active military personnel, they can purchase a brand new home for zero dollars down with closing costs paid entirely by New Tradition Homes.

Similarly, for all buyers, title fees may be negotiated through contracts a lender has with a homebuilder who is using them for a large volume of agreements. This can also translate into lower fees and quicker processes, such as reduced title fees.

Depending upon the development’s location, it may also be eligible for valuable tax abatement, saving homeowners on property taxes the first years they are in their home. Consult your homebuilder to see if your desired area is eligible.

5.  Peace of Mind. 

The fifth and undeniable benefit to building in new housing developments is the simple peace of mind that comes with the territory.

Having selected to build in a new development, you have assurance over the quality of your own home and the community’s utilities. Most likely only a set number of homes will be built with a façade option or exterior color, so you can retain some individuality. Similarly, neighboring homes will also be selecting from these parameters. And, your builder will have reviewed your plans at each stage to ensure preparations and purchasing to complete the project. For instance, no after-the-fact questions about laying a septic tank or a well, or question about the proper permits being filed. This applies not only to your home, but also to each of your neighbors’ further providing reassurance into the stability of your investment.

At New Tradition Homes, the building of a home in their new housing developments include a warranty for two years workmanship, two years system, and 10 years structural backed by a third-party. But the benefit doesn’t end there, with advantages such as knowing that you shouldn’t face street repairs any time soon. Your home is built to a great standard, and the land underneath is further appreciating. Building with New Tradition Homes can get you more out of your real estate investment.