Customize Your Home For Your Pet, Too

We’ve all seen those adorable viral videos of a puppy tentatively taking its first steps down a staircase. Sometimes owners will go to great lengths to make their pets feel comfortable at home, including getting down on all fours to show the family dog how to get down the stairs. But you needn’t go to such lengths to make your pet comfortable at home if you plan ahead.

There are plenty of customization options to consider when building a new home, including how to customize your home in a way that will increase your pet’s comfort and reduce stress levels.

At New Tradition Homes, we specialize in tailoring your new construction to your personal needs and style. That includes the needs of your pet as well. If you’re building a home in Washington State, we’ll show you just how to select the right customization options for both you and your pet.

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First, you’ll want to consider pet-friendly flooring. If you have a cat, for instance, carpet may not be the best choice. Your cat is likely to think that your carpet is his or her very own scratchpad.

Likewise, carpet can easily become soiled and is difficult to maintain without professional carpet cleaning services. Instead, consider pet-friendly flooring options. Think hardwood flooring, for instance. But rather than pine or wood, consider a stain-resistant flooring option such as bamboo. You’ll also want to opt for rugs made from organic fibers. These rugs will collect the dirt that your pet shakes off and preserve the pristine look of your hardwood floors.

You should also consider color when customizing your home. For example, select rugs, flooring, and furniture in shades similar to your pet’s fur. This will make it less noticeable when your pet sheds. Gray tile floors and a white poodle may not mix well, but white ceramic tiles and a white poodle will.

Likewise, think about which colors will enhance your pet’s comfort level. Avoid white walls that can become soiled quickly. Instead, take a cue from a New York pet owner who painted his walls green because of his Amazon parrot. The shade resembles the parrot’s natural environment, the jungle, which is likely to soothe the animal and make it more comfortable in the home environment.

Secondly, carve out a place in your new home for your pet, literally. Cats and dogs are likely to look for a refuge in places they shouldn’t. Your cat may want to climb on top of the kitchen cupboards and your dog may seek shelter in small crawl spaces such as the washer or hall closet.

However, if your pet has a designated space to call its own, then you’ll be less likely to have to go searching for him or her in unlikely hiding places. Consider carving out space in the wall. You can even disguise your cat’s litter box in a wall or in a piece of furniture to keep it hidden from view. The important thing to remember is that your pet should have a designated spot to call his or her very own.

You’ll also want to make your home pet accessible. Remember that staircase example we mentioned earlier? Instal a ramp or doggy staircase that’s well suited to your four-legged friends or add doggy doors so that your pet can freely move between the in and outside. There are even automated pet door options.

Also, be sure to install a doggy door that is energy-efficient. You’ll want to make sure the door is designed to keep the air inside the home and thereby, reduce your home energy costs. Similarly, your feathery friends, such as parrots, are more inclined to enjoy warmer temperatures. Keep them away from drafty windows and make sure your home is well insulated.

If you’re building a home in Washington State, New Tradition Homes can also help you customize your outdoor area to your pet’s needs. If you have a larger pet or multiple pets, you’ll likely need a larger outdoor space for them to run around and get plenty of exercise. We can help you find the right-sized lot to provide an adequate amount of outdoor space. We can even design a pet fountain outdoors to ensure that your furry friends stay well hydrated when exercising. Or perhaps you want to install artificial grass to prevent your pet’s paws from getting muddy. Whatever your priorities are, we will provide you with the custom features to accommodate all of your pet’s needs.

We are really just scratching the surface when it comes to customizing your home for your pet. There are many other factors to ponder. For instance, you may want to use a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature for your pet when you’re away from home.

Likewise, if you have a designated pet area in your new home, you may want to install exhaust fans to keep it odor-free. Or perhaps you’ll want to equip your new home with a pet shower to make sure you’re able to easily groom your pet when you get that last-minute phone call from friends and family who are planning to stop by.

Ready to get to work on building a home in Washington State that’s the right fit for both you and your pet? We’re more than happy to help.

There are many considerations that you’ll want to take into account when it comes to customizing your home for your pet. It’s easy to overlook something without professional help. Let one of our design experts help create the perfect home for both you and your pet. When your furry four-legged friend is comfortable at home, you will be too.

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