8 Easy Interior Design Updates to Add Character to Your Home

Moving into your new home is such an exciting moment! Everything is as you planned and the layout is absolutely perfect for your family. It’s also a relief because you’re done making major household decisions, or are you?

Your house might be perfect, but it won’t feel like home until you start decorating and adding those unique, personal touches to make it your own.

Surely you’ll want to incorporate some furniture and knick-knacks from your previous dwelling, but you’ll also likely have a vision for this new space as well. However, with so many spaces to decorate, where do you get the inspiration for each room?

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Here are 8 easy interior design ideas to add character to your new home.

Bold Paint

Paint instantly gets the attention of someone as soon as they enter the room, and there’s thousands of colors for you to consider. If you like the feeling of spending time outside on a warm, sunny day, consider bright colors like yellow or orange to make an impression. Or, if you prefer a morning stroll through the tree-filled park, consider a shade of green. If, however, you favor neutrals, there are more than 50 shades of gray for you to consider, which will make it very easy to complement with the colorful accents of your choosing.

Flashy Wallpaper

Much like a new shade of paint, a pattern on the wall can do wonders to improve the character of your home. You can always choose a wallpaper, but today there are also easily removable options, which is perfect when you don’t want to make a commitment and enjoy following the yearly trends instead. While some adhesives are designed for adults, there are children themes as well, which could be a welcomed treat for a child in your home.

Reclaimed Wood

Most people affiliate wood with flooring, but it can be used in a myriad of ways throughout the house, including for wall decor. If you have white cabinetry, adding a splash of wood creates a nice color balance that gives your home’s interior design added character.

Other ways to incorporate wood is by adding shelving, which will help add storage or as a special display for family pictures and beloved trinkets you’ve collected over the years. Good old fashioned wood, when it’s maintained and dusted, has a natural beauty that’s hard to replicate.

And, if you’re looking to minimize your environmental impact, go with reclaimed wood, which can be found in various shades to complement your home no matter how you decide to decorate.

Walls with Dimension

No matter what color you decide to paint, don’t just stop there. Instead, add character to your walls by hanging up items you love.

Pick out pictures frames in various sizes and create a focal point in the room that’s even backlit to add a dramatic flair. Or hang your favorite family canvas prints, which you can easily order online, as well as any art you’ve picked up along the way.

Mirrors are another great addition, which can be used as both art and strategically placed to quickly check your appearance as you head out the door.

Don’t be afraid to add too much and consider mix and matching colors and patterns in various shapes and in differing rooms. You can’t go wrong as long as it feels like home to you.

With that said, we do recommend developing a plan before actually hanging anything. This will prevent having to unnecessarily patch holes in your newly constructed home.


Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so mixing one in could easily add desired pazazz or charm to your home. However, rugs come in varying price points so consider where it will be placed before purchase.

If you want to add a rug in your entryway, it will inevitably get a lot of use, wearing more quickly than you may have imagined.

Similarly, if you have pets that shed or may have an indoor accident, choose a more affordable, stain-resistant rug that you won’t be heartbroken over when it’s time to part ways.

Ultimately it’s important to carefully consider each investment and place the pricey pieces in less trafficked areas, such as a formal dining room or private study.

Mix and Matched Furniture

While you probably want some new furniture in your home, you likely have pieces you love already. Why purchase another leather sectional when you invested in one last year? That’s just unnecessary.

Instead, add an interesting or eye-catching item that will complement what you already own and will make a large impact when you walk in the room. For example, add a colorful suede chair to the mix or rummage around for a reclaimed antique coffee table that both draws you in and adds function to the room.

Don’t hesitate to mix materials, patterns, and colors in one room. If your vision feels overwhelming once in place, take something out and try again. This is the perfect time to experiment and maybe even surprise yourself with what you can come up with as you combine the new and old.


Did you ever switch out the lighting in your last home? It’s likely that you had the same entryway sconces and dining room chandelier for years, so it’s time to change things up.

However, don’t just choose lighting based on the look of the feature. Instead, think about the ambiance you want to create in each room and where you want to draw a person’s eye.

If you added a painting in the hallway, incorporate lighting that will naturally bring your eyes to rest upon it as you walk by.

If you chose a formal dining table, don’t limit yourself to centralized overhead lighting, but add track lighting or smaller chandeliers up and down the room.

If you want to create a bright, refreshing feel in the master as you awake, but desire a sense of calm at night, consider various options to achieve both goals.

At the end of the day, there are always new updates you can make as you become more acquainted with your house. Whether it’s a splash of paint color, a few antique additions, or artwork lining the walls, the options are endless. What matters most is that your new house turns into the new home of your dreams.