5 Ways You’ll Benefit From Building an Energy Efficient Home

Having your home custom built comes with a wide array of benefits that you can enjoy. For example, you can have it built to your custom specifications so that it’s exactly the way you want it. Enjoy a particular view? You can have your bedroom window built to face the perfect spot. Do you want a bathroom in a particular spot? Or several bathrooms in several convenient locations? A custom home building company like New Tradition Homes can do that for you.

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In addition to having your home built just how you like it, you can also have it constructed for maximum energy efficiency. There are quite a few benefits that you’ll reap from doing so and we’ll mention a few here. These are just five ways you’ll benefit from building an energy efficient home.

You’ll save money

One of the first and most obvious benefits of having an energy efficient home constructed is the money you’ll save. With the advent of the latest in heating and cooling technology, you will be able to drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on keeping your home comfortable during the hot summers and cold winters. Today’s modern furnaces and air conditioning systems use significantly less electricity than older versions. Besides this, there are other ways you can save money when building your new home.

Having your home custom constructed by a company such as New Tradition Homes means that you have more control than ever before in how you can make your home energy efficient. For example, one way you can reduce the amount of electricity you use in a custom built home is by having ceiling fans strategically placed around the house. While the fans themselves do not actually cool the air, they do help to circulate it. This will lead to more even temperatures throughout the house and reduce your need to rely on air conditioning. Ceiling fans can actually also help warm the home during the cold winter months by forcing hot air that has rises toward the ceiling back down. Overall, you can find yourself potentially saving hundreds of dollars every year as you ensure that your home is strategically built to maximize its energy efficiency.

You will live more comfortably

An energy efficient home isn’t just about saving money; it’s also about comfort. Actually, the two are tied together. If keeping your home cool is less expensive, then you will worry less about turning on the air conditioning on a hot day. As a result, you will enjoy yourself in a cool and relaxed home while the summer heat is in full swing.

Another way that an energy efficient home will make your life easier is through the use of other modern technology such as ENERGY STAR-rated washers and driers. A modern, energy efficient washing machine allows you to not only save money in water and electricity, but also makes the job of cleaning your clothes easier than ever before with computerized controls and other conveniences. You can save time and money with the gadgets you choose for your home.

You will be healthier

An energy efficient home can also lead to health benefits for you and your family. A properly constructed home will have improved air flow – part of the reason they are more energy efficient in the first place – and because of this you will suffer less from allergies, pollutants, and airborne diseases. Modern day, energy efficient weatherization will also lead to a safer home, largely because an up-to-date, weatherized home will also feature upgraded smoke alarms and additional safety features. Of course, there’s also the benefit you’ll get from a reduction in stress as you worry less about costs, safety, and health issues.

You will enjoy increased home value

Once you’ve built your dream home, chances are you will love it so much you will want to stay there permanently. However, should you decide to sell, you will also find that the improved energy efficiency leads to improved home value.

The fact is, more and more people are realizing the benefits of having an energy efficient home and as a result, are willing to pay more to get one for themselves. A 2015 study by Adomatis in Washington, D.C. saw a 2 to 5% increase in the value of more energy efficient homes, while a similar one by Build It Green in Los Angeles in 2014 revealed a 6% increase. Finding out that they will save a lot of money over the years is very attractive to potential home buyers; therefore they will be willing to pay more upfront.

Of course, there are many other factors in play when it comes to putting your home up for sale; consider all of them to potentially earn a great deal of income on the sale of your custom, energy efficient home.

You’ll help improve the world  

Building an energy efficient home won’t just be good for you, it will have a variety of benefits that move beyond your home. Of course, everyone knows about the benefit that energy efficient homes have on the environment. More efficient use of power means less fossil fuels burned, which will help fight issues like global warming and other environmental problems. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, having an energy efficient home helps to improve the local economy. Saving money on energy costs leads to added cash to put into the economy, helping to create jobs, leading to a thriving economy.

It also helps push innovation as developers work to create more efficient options and search for other ways to make homes more efficient. So call New Tradition Homes today and ask about having an energy efficient home built for you!