5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Front Door

Nowadays, custom homes are all the rage. You can build a home from the ground up and control every element of it, from the placement of the windows to the size of the kitchen.

While you might get caught up in the choices you have for all the different rooms in your house, don’t forget about something that may seem simple, but is actually one of the most crucial parts of your new home—the front door.

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Your front door is usually the first thing people notice before they enter your home, and so the value of a good one cannot be overstated. A properly chosen front door can bring your home style, make people feel welcome, and keep you safe and protected from the elements. On the other hand, a poorly chosen, or cheap, front door can leave you vulnerable and greatly reduce the curb appeal of an otherwise attractive home. Here are five things you should consider before choosing a front door for your Vancouver custom home:


As with anything when it comes to homeownership, the price is a crucial element. While it’s certainly possible to overpay, you have to remember that your front door is an investment. Properly chosen and cared for, it will last you decades or even generations, and see use from children and perhaps grandchildren.

With that in mind, we think it’s okay to spend some money to make sure you have a good one! A cheap front door will not protect you from the bitter cold of a Vancouver winter, or the muggy heat of summertime. It won’t keep you safe in the event of a fire or an attempted home invasion. Before you make any choice for which door you want, sit down and consider your budget. Even if you are looking to build an inexpensive home, it’s a good idea to aim toward the higher end of what you can afford.


Once you’ve settled upon how much you are willing to spend, it’s time to consider the material your door will be constructed from. While many doors are still made from traditional materials such as oak, modern ones can be made from steel or even fiberglass. All of these materials are strong, but they each offer distinct advantages and come at different costs.

For example, a door made from steel will be extra energy efficient, potentially saving you money on heating or cooling costs. A wooden door has an elegant, timeless appearance that will lend your home a touch of true class. A fiberglass door will be relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Whatever material the door is constructed from, they can usually be painted or decorated to match any style, so whether you are looking for a sleek, modern home or a charming vintage one, your front door can match it.


After you’ve settled on the material, you can start thinking about design. Many front doors come pre-painted and can be installed without hassle. While you can paint your own door if you wish, many homeowners simply opt to have a custom ready-made design sent to them. Regardless of which you choose, you can have your door crafted in a variety of styles. Woods such as oak don’t even need to be painted; simply have them stained for a rich, elegant look that conveys a sense of strength and class. For a more modern, even futuristic look, a door can be a neutral color such as grey or white. Some homeowners opt for very vibrant colors, such as teal, red or purple to make their front door really pop. In a custom home, the options are quite literally unlimited so don’t be afraid to match your personal style when searching for the design of your front door.


Your number one priority, of course, should be keeping your family safe from natural disasters, fires, and unwanted intruders. In the case of security, though, we also mean safe from the elements. While all of the materials mentioned above are strong and can make for a secure door, the actual design and construction matter a great deal too.

For example, the type of lock you use on your front door can make a great deal of difference as to whether it’s secure or not. You can have the strongest door there is, but if it isn’t secure, with a strong door frame, hinges and lock, none of that will matter. Your door will also protect you from the climate; make sure there aren’t any gaps between your door and home. If air is allowed to leak outside, your heating bill can go way up during the frosty winter! Gaps between your door and the ground can also become an easy access point for pests such as insects and mice. Make sure to thoroughly research the size, strength, and insulation of your door and the surrounding area.


You can shell out a great deal of money on a strong, well insulated, and secure door, but none of that will matter if it is not installed properly. As with any element of your house, your door should be installed by a trained professional to ensure maximum strength, durability, and safety. In Vancouver, custom homes can be constructed from the ground up by us at New Tradition Homes. We will give you unprecedented control over every aspect of your new home, including the front door. We will also advise you on any of the above elements. Since the homes we make are newly constructed, we feature the latest in modern energy-saving technology. The front door is only the beginning!