Think About the Kids When Building a Home

Why do people turn to new construction when they are ready to buy a new home? The benefits are many. And in most cases, they are highly predictable. Because you’re considering new construction, you’ve probably included a few on your list.


-Choose a floor plan that matches your needs
-Everything is new; you don’t have to live with someone else’s problems
-The energy and cost savings are at its peak
-Low maintenance
-Advanced technology and design

And of course, that new home feel. Nothing brings out the “ahhh” factor more than walking in through the front door and letting the newness envelop you. You can see it. You can smell it. You can feel it!

That’s one of our favorite parts about being a home builder here in Vancouver. We love watching the smiles that cross our customers’ faces when they walk through the doors and breathe a little easier, taking in all that newness.

But building a home means different things to different people. A single professional has different needs than an empty-nester. And families come in all ages and sizes.

We’ve learned a thing or two about helping folks design a house with their kids in mind. We realize this is your dream house; you have definites you want to include. But part of that dream includes your family, whether you’re just starting one or invite them over for dinner every once in awhile.

Think Stylish Yet Practical
The good news is today you don’t need to sacrifice looks for functionality. You can design your home to be practical, yet have all the stylish features that make it unique to your personality. You can do that in your design. You can do that with your decor. You can do that as you move from room to room.

All that and more starts from the moment you say yes to working closely with a home builder to design your dream home. It starts with the ability to choose a floor plan that works well with your lifestyle in mind. Want something changed? A wall moved here? A new feature brought in there? Because we’re working with you before it’s constructed, anything is possible.

That concept continues in the design center. Have a new baby and want the nursery to be perfect? Let’s talk about colors and flooring options. Have rambunctious tweens who literally climb the walls? How about incorporating a rock climbing theme into their rooms? We can show you the best way to combine today’s needs with your budget and plan for ways to easily convert it as your family grows and changes.

Dual Purpose Design
Head to a furnishings store and you’ll find many things for multipurpose use. Aren’t those cribs that convert to beds the best invention? No longer do you need to repurchase furnishings every couple of years. Buy higher quality and you can use them for a dozen years or more.

Who says that concept has to stop with furnishings? You can do the same with your home design.

A master suite on the main level is in high demand. Combine it with a flex room off to the side and it has even more possibilities. How about a nursery as you start your family? It can be converted to an office when the kids grow, or a studio when you take up painting.

How about a flex room up by the bedrooms? It can be a playroom when the kids are little; the perfect place to close the door and hide their toys. Convert it later into a game room, the ideal place for teenagers to bring their friends, watch a movie, or challenge each other to the latest Playstation game.

Maximize Storage
It doesn’t stop with what you see on the outside; sometimes what’s behind closed doors is equally important.

Storage often becomes a problem, particularly when a family grows and ages. That’s one of the biggest reasons families move: to gain more space. By working with a home builder, your Vancouver home can grow and change with you for years to come.

Haven’t you always wanted a window seat to sit back and relax on, with nothing more to do than read a good book and watch the world go by? It’s the perfect thing to include in your child’s room, especially when you add storage functionality to it underneath.

Many homeowners knock out walls underneath staircases or restructure rooms to improve wasted closet space. Do it during the construction phase and you can add as much storage space as you desire.

Shorten Your Workload
Families today are busier than ever. Working full time, extracurricular activities, outside interests, even spending a night at home shouldn’t be difficult. Yet think back to home layouts from just a few years ago. Houses often kept laundry rooms far away from the activities; near the back of the home or even in the corner of the basement. How is that beneficial to a family who comes and goes all the time?

New construction allows you to build to suit your lifestyle. Doesn’t it make more sense to have the laundry room near the bedrooms? As you’re getting ready for the day, throw in a load without having to spend minutes gathering, running the stairs, and back again just to do a simple chore.

And when simple activities are a part of your daily routine, your kids can get more involved too. It no longer becomes an out-of-the-way activity that is solely regarded as a mom or dad job. Instead, they can become a part of the process, feeling like they are contributing to the family in their unique ways or as required chores to gain allowance.

Safety Is Always Important
It’s hard to think kids and not think safety, no matter what their age. But how should this topic be incorporated into your dream-home design?

Today, home builders implement the latest technology in everything they do. How about buying a home you know meets specific energy efficiency certification standards; how would that improve your lifestyle?

A energy efficient home might comes with low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets, all which contribute to lower water bills and less energy needed to run your home. And we could all use a little extra money to spend on the fun things in life, right?

You may also breathe a little easier thanks to eliminating toxic chemicals in favor of organic and natural alternative, and improving ventilation so that allergens are kept to a minimum throughout your home.

So, is this the year you say yes to a new home for your family?