Design the Ultimate Master Bathroom

Home ownership is an exciting journey, one that is made even greater with the finishing touches that make your home yours. And what is more personal than the master bathroom? Whether your new home is move-in ready, needs some remodeling, or is a custom build where you are selecting between new home floor plans, here are some tips to help you design the ultimate master bathroom:

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1. Budgeting – As with any core purchase, the first step is often budgeting. Knowing what you can afford, whether this is a remodel or an opportunity to choose a new home floor plan, will help the decisions fall into place. Will you be paying for this directly or factoring into a mortgage or improvement loan? Outlining the options will be essential to your next steps.

2. Style & Structure – What will make your ultimate master bathroom the ultimate bathroom? Is it a matter of style or structure? If working on a redesign, you have the opportunity to reassess the layout beyond the aesthetic elements. If choosing a new home, you may make the floor plan a deciding factor. “Simple” changes such as going from a single vanity to a double vanity can contribute to the joy and function of your new master bathroom. But there are additional things to consider, such as…

· Bathtub vs. Standing Shower: If you prefer a standing shower, can your bathroom accommodate a walk-in single or do you have the space for a spa-style shower – even one with multiple shower heads? Will you design your space with a glass enclosure or do you prefer a shower curtain for the option of changing the look or providing a little bit more privacy?

· The Commode: Will you close off the commode into a separate room or possibly create a hideaway with a half wall or other feature? Plus you now have options beyond color and shape including touchless flush, low-flow flush, and more!

· Flooring: Are you in a colder climate where heated floors may be more than a luxury, perhaps even a necessity?

· Sink: First, will you have a single or dual vanity? Then consider the type of sink bowl, including self-rimming sinks (easier to install and fit many existing vanity kits); vessel sinks (bowl-shaped and mounted to look as sitting atop the vanity counter); wall-mounted sinks or pedestal sinks (great aesthetically if you have storage, not ideal if you’re lacking space for your bathroom essentials); undermount sinks; and console sinks.

· Cabinets: Your cabinets are more than just storage, they’re often the thread that ties the room together. Even if you’re choosing a pedestal sink you may have wall-mount cabinets. Cabinets with drawers or open shelves, cabinets that go to the floor or float, cabinets that are only drawers or only doors. Flat front, mission style, slatted with knobs, pull door – and of course, material options for every aesthetic and price point.

· Lighting: Bathroom lighting can not only set the mood of the room, but of course it may also be an essential factor in your get-ready routine. If you do not have a lot of natural light in your bathroom, you should consider where fixtures are placed and how much light they will cast upon you if putting on makeup or shaving. Also, will you want a fixtures that uses an environmentally friendly LED or CFL bulb?

· Fixtures: Each fixture will service not only as a function, but is part of bringing your ultimate master bathroom to life! Back to that shower – will you install a wall-mount showerhead or are you the above-mount rain shower loyalist? How about a mounted showerhead and handheld wand combo? Go for the gold with a body sprayer – or give the touchless faucet a run? There are also other add-ons that may fit with your floor plan such as wall-mounted towel warmers, safety bars in the shower or tub, even extendable wall-mounted mirrors. Is your medicine cabinet going to be centered between two sinks, deeply inset into one wall, mirrored on the inside and out? Lest we forget the material or finish of your fixtures which may include brushed nickel, polished chrome, bronze, brass and their respective finishes.

· Flooring: Whether or not you’ve chosen the heated floor option, the material will tie everything together in more ways than one. You may choose a tile (porcelain, marble, or one of many other materials) that is identical or complementary to your shower materials. Or, you may go for a natural look with a wood or laminate. Carpet is less common in the bathroom in modern days, but depending upon the size of your room, perhaps you have planned for a carpet runner around the cabinets

3. Inspiration – Is your ultimate master bathroom your very own spa-like oasis or an ultra-modern, highly functional space? While we’ve been designing the imaginary ultimate master bathroom envisioning huge spaces, perhaps your bathroom is smaller, even without windows – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous!

Minimalist style can look luxe and be highly functional with great design and material selections. Again, looking at sample bathroom setups will help you to make decisions, plus the list of your personal likes and dislikes as they may relate to your current master bathroom. If your home is in a planned community, did you tour a number of models to consider which new home floor plan would make each day feel inspired?

Where it may seem that you’re now overloaded with questions, the great thing is that now you have your homework cut out for you! Grab a few design magazines for inspiration! Go to some furniture or home improvement stores to touch and feel the setup. Do you like turning a faucet knob vertically when yours has always been more of a twisting motion? What are the consumer ratings on the model you’re considering? And if your home is in a planned community and you have the option to choose between new home floor plans, have you truly considered how essential the ultimate master bathroom will contribute to your future home happiness? Because trust us, it will! From resale value to that every morning wakeup routine, the ultimate master bathroom will be a part of your ultimate home happiness.