Top 10 Custom Home Wish List Items

In the market for your dream home? Maybe that involves custom-building a home from your own blueprint? Or maybe instead, you’re looking to find a hidden gem in a prime neighborhood? Or still yet, you may be looking to remodel a home that you’ve lived in for years. Whatever your situation, we’ll lay out the top ten custom home wish list items so that your custom new home will have the perfect layout for you!

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  1.     Smart Technology

According to Coldwell Banker, nearly half of all Americans have smart-home technology or plan to equip their home with it. There are many types of smart home technology you can install in your custom new home, including lighting, temperature controls, and security systems. In fact, the latter two are considered the most appealing to homebuyers.

  1.     Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan will give your custom new home a welcome, spacious feel. You’ll want to opt for a floor plan that flows seamlessly from room to room, allowing for an expansive and airy layout. At New Tradition Homes, we offer a variety of floor plans and can help you create the perfect look for your custom new home.

  1.     Energy Efficiency

Opting for an energy efficient custom home is not only environmentally sound, it’s also economically sound. Apart from your mortgage, your greatest homeownership expense is likely to be your energy costs. Making your custom new home energy efficient will save you a ton of money in the long run. Fortunately, New Tradition Homes has been the Northwest’s leader in green building practices for some time now and we have many energy efficient features available. Contact us to find out what your family’s cost savings could be in your energy-efficient custom new home.

  1.     Prime Outdoor Space

This can take many forms depending on your needs. If you enjoy entertaining and having parties, you may want an outdoor kitchen island so you can barbecue poolside. Or maybe you envision yourself spending time on the front porch reading a good book and chatting with neighbors. Whatever your idea of a perfect day, we can help you create the perfect space. Many of our quick move-in homes feature covered patios or fully landscaped yards so you can find that special zen space outdoors.

  1.     Ideal Location

Location is key when considering where to build your custom new home. New Tradition Homes offers a variety of locations from which you can choose your ideal lot. Whether you want a country-style ranch home, a suburban house with a white-picket fence, or a private oasis, we have the perfect place for you to settle in.

  1.     Exterior Lighting

Once you have found your ideal location with prime outdoor space, you’ll want to take full advantage. Exterior lighting has the practical benefits of providing additional security. However, the proper lighting will also showcase your custom new home beautifully. After you’ve put all the time and effort into designing your dream home, you’ll want to make sure it’s displayed in the proper light.

  1.     Sufficient Storage Space

When designing your custom new home, you’ll want to optimize the amount of square footage you have. A design expert like those at New Tradition Homes can ensure that you’re using your space to maximum capacity. If you have a large family and like to prepare home-cooked meals, you may want to add a pantry or additional cabinet space in your kitchen. If you have expensive designer clothes and shoes, a walk-in closet could help keep your luxury items well organized. Our experts will work with you to ensure that your custom new home’s square footage is used efficiently and well suited to your needs.

  1.     A Mudroom

Since we’re on the topic of storage space, a mudroom could be a good idea. A mudroom typically functions as an entryway between your outdoor and indoor space. It can be great for storing boots, coats, and other winter gear. If you have a large family, you can have a designated spot for each family member to store items. Children can store backpacks on hooks. Adding a bench is also a good idea for easy removal of shoes before entering the house. Browse this gallery for some great ideas on how to create an attractive mudroom space.

  1.     Personalized Add-Ons

Think about places in the home where you are likely to entertain or spend most of your time. Then think about what you can add to make that part of your home stand out even more. If you think you’ll be hosting summer pool parties, for instance, consider adding a waterfall to your outdoor space. Or maybe you want a fire pit to grill hot dogs or roast smores with the kids. If you like to have guests over for dinner parties, you may want to have a home bar area. Or a fireplace for intimate conversations with family. Wherever you’re likely to spend most of your time, think about how you can make that special area of your home stand out.

  1.     Spa Bathroom

After spending the time and effort designing your custom new home, you’ll want a space where you can wind down and relax. A whirlpool tub or a rain shower can give you the perfect space to decompress. Radiant heated floors, towel warmers, and ambient lighting are custom features that can help you create your own private getaway right at home.

Ultimately, what makes a custom home so great is that you can have whatever you want! Dreaming of a wine room off the kitchen where you can store great vintage wines? Or a game room with a movie theatre style projection screen for the kids? Designing your own custom home means that you can have it. And we at New Tradition Homes are ready to turn that dream into reality for you.