New Year, New Home, New Traditions

Are you thinking of buying a new home for the new year? With it will come new traditions for you and your family to share in that home for many years to come. Every family has traditions that develop over the years. Traditions are an essential part of the family culture and they will help keep your family close across generations. The house that you live in is an essential part of that, whether they are old or new traditions. As those new traditions in your home develop, you may want to consider customizing your home in order to fit your new practices. A company like New Tradition Homes can help you design a home exactly the way you want it. Here are just a few ideas you can implement to bring new traditions into your new home for the new year:

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Family dinners

The benefits that sharing a meal with the family each day has on the members of that family have been well studied. You’ll want to have a dining area that maximizes those benefits. How you decide to implement this will be up to you. Perhaps you want to make sure that the television and dining room are not within sight of each other. Perhaps you want to have a corner table where the family can place their phones to avoid the temptation of checking them during dinner. Maybe your family has a particular food that they enjoy. If, for example, you have a summer tradition of outdoor grilling and swimming, you can have a grill custom built into your backyard near a swimming pool that will see use for many summers to come. Once summer ends and Thanksgiving rolls around, perhaps your family has a tradition of deep-fried turkey. A custom kitchen with a deep-fryer can give you that turkey every year while providing you with other delicious food the rest of the time.

Movie nights

Movie nights are another great tradition that many families enjoy. Letting everyone in the family take turns choosing which movie to watch helps each family member feel included and is great if you have children. If you want a weekly movie night to be an important tradition for you and your family, then consider having a custom built entertainment center added to your home.

Your family may also have a tradition of sitting around to watch football games every Sunday, so the same room with some sports-related decor can double as your game room. There are many options available for the modern household, many of which will really make you feel like you’re in a movie theater every time you sit down with your family. Setting up a media room that can be made extra dark once the film starts and has comfortable couches where everyone can sit will add atmosphere. A big screen tv built into the wall and some nice loud speakers (and soundproofing) can make for a wonderful viewing experience. You can even put a microwave in the room for popcorn if you want!

Holiday traditions

The holidays are a huge part of any family’s traditions. When you custom design your own home, you can also customize your holiday traditions to your exact specifications. For example, perhaps you love showing off your Christmas tree by placing it in front of your window. Maybe you also have the tradition of sitting around the tree singing Christmas carols as you warm yourselves by the fire. If that’s the case, you can have a fireplace put in next to a window, with a nice high ceiling to fit a very tall Christmas tree. Consider other holidays too as you plan your dream home. Maybe your family loves to scare trick-or-treaters every Halloween. A nice big front yard can give you plenty of room for scary decorations in October while looking inviting the rest of the year. Maybe you want to have a dance party every year on New Year’s Eve! A nice open floor in your living room can double as a dance floor once December 31st comes around. Customizing your home means your new traditions for the holidays will make many wonderful memories!


Family traditions aren’t just for humans, of course. For many families, their pets are irreplaceable members of the household. Perhaps you want to establish a daily tradition of walking your dog for half an hour a day. Perhaps you want to make sure that there is always a cat living in your home. Customizing a home to make it pet-friendly will go a long way to helping you forge new traditions to enjoy with your family.

Owning pets means utilizing stain-resistant fabrics, and may mean using wood flooring instead of carpet in many cases. Carpeting absorbs odors and traps hair and dander, so avoid it if possible in a room where the pets are allowed. Besides this, doggy doors, cat houses, and other structures catered to your animal friends will help to customize your new home. One thing many pet owners don’t consider is color; if you own pets, they have a tendency to leave fur everywhere. If your walls are white, dark fur will be immediately visible! Consider going for more bold colors in a home that has animals living in it.


One new tradition that more and more families are adopting is exercise. If you want your family to stay active, you will want to design a home that helps them do so. What features you’ll want to add depends on what activities you and your family prefer.

If they like to swim every day, a swimming pool is a great choice. If they prefer to lift weights, you can add a weight room. Maybe you like to do yoga every morning and you want a room that catches the morning light exactly right as you do so. You can even create a room with windows built to your exact specifications as you do this.

Building a new home leaves able room to enhance traditions you’ve shared with your family for years and build many more new traditions in rooms that accommodate your dreams.