Reinventing Your Home After Your Kids Move Out

Dropping kids off at college and waving goodbye is not just about them. It’s about you too. Yes, they may be back a summer or two. Yes, they may return while trying to find the perfect job and launch the perfect career. But this is a sign of things to come.

This is a sign of the empty nest that will follow. It’s the start of you moving to the next phase of your life. It’s about your marriage, your friendships, your career, your finances, your hobbies and your passions.

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And with so much life ahead of you, are you sure you want to do all of that in the family home you had while your kids were growing up?

Sure, it may hold memories. But now it’s time for the future; to create a few memories all about you. After all, the large family home was great while the kids occupied the spare bedrooms. But is your bedroom really set up for how you need space today?

What you need now is a little inspiration.

Give Yourself Time
With every challenge comes the need to step back and spend a little time considering your options. And moving into this new phase is no exception. Deciding to sell your family home is one thing. Jumping at the first one to get the job done isn’t something you should do.

At this new phase, it’s more important to choose a house that will work for you know and grow with you into the future. For some, that may mean being able to accommodate their changing lifestyles. For others, it can include aging in place. Family homes were perfect for growing families. Empty nesters have a completely different outlook on life, and therefore should choose their new homes wisely.

Need a little home inspiration? That’s where custom design can come into play. Selecting a new home and customizing it the way you choose allows you to have all the little extras you’ve dreamed of over the years. And let’s face it, you’ve had many years of saying things like:

  • This kitchen needs a …
  • If only I had more outlets here…
  • This bathroom could be greatly improved if only…

Now is the time to put all of those dreams and desires into place.

Plan For The Perfect Space
The problem with the old family home is you have to place your new lifestyle into the existing walls.

The benefits of building an inspiration home is it allows you to customize where you see fit, putting into place the things you truly desire.

Bedrooms don’t have to remain bedrooms; they can be upgraded and combined for larger, more workable space. Kitchens can be expanded to incorporate your dreams of more refined cooking and larger dinner parties.

Don’t settle for what you see in front of you. This is the time to let your imagination run wild. You’ve been dreaming of things for years. Why not build them into the final design?

Create Space Rather Than Accepting Space
With new construction, you may start with a plan in mind. And with New Traditions Homes, we can help you create any space you truly desire.

Sometimes it’s difficult seeing a home already up and functioning and revisioning it into something more. With a plan on the table, it’s easier to move and change based on your wants and needs. You can see things forming, make changes as you see fit. And if you have an idea, simply by bringing it up, we can work it in before the design work has even begun.

Because sometimes inspiration comes from all kinds of places. You may see something that sparks an idea. We may offer suggestions as we learn about your needs. And together we can create a space that will truly motivate you for many years to come. After all, that’s where inspiration lies. We know it, and we want to help you achieve it.

Revive Your Relationships
About 25 percent of divorces in the US occur after more than 20 years of marriage. For those over 50, divorce rates have doubled since 1990. Which of course corresponds in many cases with children leaving home.

For some, there is relief from moving out of a troubled marriage and into a new lifestyle. For others, it can be an eye-opening time to rediscover who you are together. And rather than living where many of the problems occurred, a new, fresh look on life can bring opportunity for renewed feelings and passions.

There’s something about the creative process that stirs up renewed feelings. Maybe it’s in the new environment. Maybe it’s in the creative process. Maybe it’s in building something new together. In any case, building towards a future can allow you both to work together and build towards a common cause.

New construction allows you to take the problem areas of your family home and turn them into positive reflection towards your future.

Did your small kitchen annoy you as you bumped into one another as you tried to prepare a meal? Inspiration can come as you design the perfect gourmet kitchen that will allow you to work together, side by side.

Need separate space to each give your hobbies more room? A new home can provide you with the space you need, whether it takes center stage as you enter your home, or is tucked away into the back.

Give Your Passion and Hobbies More Room
It’s no longer just about the bedrooms and flexibility of growing families. Now it’s about choosing what you do each day. That may mean an office for your computers and a garage for your woodworking equipment. Or a large pantry for a fully stocked kitchen.

Bedrooms are no longer needed for sleeping children. Which means it’s easier to let your creativity run wild, position your rooms in a better way to make room for the things you do every day.

Need a little inspiration? Maybe it’s time to consider moving to a new home. Stop by today and be inspired by the floor plans we have ready and waiting for you. We’ll show you how easy it is to customize them and create the space you truly desire.