3 Ways to Add a Second Story to Your House

If you own a one-story home and have decided that you need additional space, there are options other than selling your home and moving to a different community.

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Living In An Older Home
A lot of homeowners have lived in the same house for many years, love their neighborhood and their home for its unique style which couldn’t be duplicated on a property in a different area. Living in an established neighborhood in an older home has features that aren’t commonly found in newer homes. You may have spent years landscaping your yard, or your home may have architectural details that are one-of-a-kind. Custom home contractors can work with you to remodel your home, so it fits your needs and retains its charm.

Options For Adding a Second Level To Your Home
One way in which to create a new look and more space in your home is to add a second story. There are several ways a contractor can build a second-level addition to your home that will provide additional space and increase its value.

-Build a new upper story
-Temporarily remove the roof to frame the area
-Build out and across horizontally

Each of these options has its advantages. When you don’t have to add a foundation, the renovation can save you money, but you should research each type of restoration for the one that will best suit your needs and be most cost effective.

Building From Scratch
To build a new upper-story, a building contractor would have to remove the roof to create the second level. An advantage of an entirely new level is that you can have all the bedrooms on the same floor or use some of the space for an office or playroom. The second floor could be utilized as a master suite with a den. An entirely new second floor may be the best choice if you need a lot of additional space. The new addition will require structural supports to maintain the extra weight. Your contractor will discuss all the options with you.

Remove and Frame
Another suggestion is to remove the roof from the house, frame in the new addition, then replace the roof. If you want extra room in your existing home but don’t need a major renovation, removing the roof from your home, framing in the second level, then replacing the roof could save a lot on the renovation.

Build Out Over A Garage Or Porch
The third option is to build out over a garage or first-floor porch. Extending the second level over a porch or garage eliminates some of the issues that arise when you construct a new addition from the ground up. New construction over a garage or porch can allow for more storage space, a small apartment, or a private getaway.

To be sure that the structure can support additional weight, a home contractor can evaluate the area and make any necessary updates before construction on the new level starts. When the existing roof is removed, the contractor will use a method known as platform framing which creates the floor or deck for the new level.

Comply With Local Regulations
You’ll have to find out about local building codes before you start any construction on your home. Communities all have restrictions on building additions to existing homes, and they can vary from one city to another. Subdivisions with homeowner’s associations have guidelines about any changes owners make to their homes, and in a lot of communities, height restrictions exist. Make sure the plans for your new addition meet with the approval of city or town officials before you begin construction.

Benefits Of Building Up
The benefits of building on to your existing home can outweigh buying a home in a newer area. Homes in established, older neighborhoods can double in value with a renovation. One-story homes with a second level addition have more curb appeal if you choose to put your home on the market at a later time.

Moving to a new home after living in the same neighborhood for a long time is a significant adjustment for a lot of families. If you love the house you own, have an easy commute and like the school system, it makes more sense to renovate.

When you’re doing a renovation to your home, you’ll have to make some structural changes to compensate for the second floor. As long as you’re doing the project, it makes sense to make any changes to the first floor at the same time. You won’t have to think about more remodeling at a later date, and it could save you money. You could add to the height of the first floor ceilings or make changes to the exterior of the home.

The new level can be customized to suit the needs of your family. However, a lot of homeowners are taking a universal approach to home decor that accommodates lifestyle changes over the years and allows for more flexibility. When you add a second story to your home, it allows you to preserve as much outdoor space as possible and gives you room for gardening or creating a patio or deck.

Make Your Home Beautiful Inside and Out
Since your home will be larger, you’ll want to make sure that all the details of both stories look appealing from the outside. All the details of your home including windows, dormers, exterior trim, columns, and shutters should be visually appealing and be in the same proportions. You may want to use accent colors to add emphasis to your home’s new design.

Before you begin a remodeling project on your home, make a list of everything you want and discuss it with custom home contractors.