10 Reasons to Move to Richland

If you’re considering a move, Richland might just be a great choice for you and your family. Part of the Tri-Cities in Washington (which also include neighboring Pasco and Kennewick), Richland has a reputation for being a remote and rural area. In reality, it’s much more than that. Here are the top 10 reasons to move to Richland:

  1. Climate

Richland homes experience one of the best climates in Washington. The city gets approximately 300 days of sunshine per year and only about 7 inches of rain as it’s protected by the nearby Cascade Range. It is known for having some of the mildest winters in all of Washington, so if you are looking for a place to live that will be comfortable year-round, Richland might just be the perfect place for you.

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  1. Food

As an agricultural hub, Richland residents have access to plenty of fresh farmed food. It’s easy to head down to a nearby farmer’s’ market and buy locally-grown fruits and vegetables. In addition, Richland has plenty of unique restaurants that are famous across the nation. The Tri-Cities are well-known for their French Fries, and Richland in particular is the home of the Richland French Fry plant, a must-see stop next time you’re in town.

  1. Outdoors

The Tri-Cities are also famous for the many outdoor activities available to residents. Whether your interest is hiking, horseback riding, kayaking or fishing, you will be able to find an outdoor activity that suits you and your family. There are three major rivers that meet in the Tri-Cities – the Columbia, the Yakima and the Snake rivers – and surrounding them are extensive hiking trails and plenty of parks to frequent with the family. TheInterMountain Alpine Club is a great resource and exists for outdoor enthusiasts to easily find activities in the Richland homes area.

  1. Technology

Richland is also a technology hot-spot. For many years, the city has been one of the most important energy producers in the United States, with the top employer in the Richland area being the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. With so much of Richland’s economy focused on energy, plenty of jobs are available in this sector. The city is a great pick for families with an interest in scientific research and the latest technologies.

  1. Education

Richland is known for the quality of education its schools provide. Elementary schools, such as White Bluffs Elementary and Lewis & Clark Elementary, boast about their students who regularly achieve higher standardized test scores than other Washington cities. Richland High School has a famed sports program and has produced several famous football and baseball stars, including NFL players John Meyers and Greg Olson and MLB players Travis Buck and Gene Conley. At the college level, Washington State University Tri-Cities is a four-year school that provides higher education to the inhabitants of Richland.

  1. Family-friendly

Recently, Kiplinger rated the Tri-Cities as one of the top ten places in the United States to raise a family, citing the high average income and easy access to public parks among its reasons for doing so. The city also has low crime rates and clean air, making it a healthy and safe location to raise children.

  1. Location

Besides the weather, the location of Richland homes provides a wide variety of other benefits. If you like to get out and experience what your city has to offer, Richland has antique shows, boat shows, car shows and even a yearly Polar Bear Plunge. The city is conveniently located to multiple wineries, museums and other cultural centers. Not only that, Richland is relatively close to major metropolitan cities Portland and Seattle, making it easy for you to enjoy the city without having to live there.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

With energy efficiency and “going green” being more popular than ever, Richland is an excellent choice if you are looking to minimize your environmental impact. Besides its reputation for being at the forefront of renewable energy technology, Richland is also known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. In fact, the Tri-Cities area is famous for its State Patrol Mountain Biking, which is further reason to move there if you love cycling. Mass transit is also gaining more and more popularity throughout Washington, helping the entire state become environmentally friendly.

  1. Jobs

Yes, Richland is known for its technological prowess, and being on the forefront of the latest technology also means that there are plenty of high-income jobs available for residents. Besides its commitment to technology and energy, Richland is also known for its agriculture, bringing even more work to the community. With all of the work that’s available here, potential residents of the Richland area will find a bustling job market.

  1.  The Housing Market

Home sales are really booming in the Tri-Cities area, meaning the price of houses is continuing to increase. Each day in the Tri-Cities, approximately 11 Richland homes are sold! With the demand for houses off the charts, it’s an excellent time to invest in your future by having your own home built in Richland. While buying a home in this market will be expensive, having a home custom built by a building company such as New Tradition Homes can be a great investment for your family’s future.