4 Ways Building a New Home Can Keep Portland Weird

What’s the deal with Portland?

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Everyone seems to want to move here. And if you drive around forany length of time, you won’t have to travel very far before you start counting the out-of-state license plates numbering in the dozens.

New estimates show that the seven county metropolitan area(that makes up Portland) is now well above the 2 million mark. Add in a couple hundred thousand from our neighbor Vancouver, and you’ll find a major city that has something to offer for just about everyone.

Yes, people love Portland. Over half of the newbies here are coming in from different parts of the United States. There’s something about it that says “visit.” And once they’re here, something tells them to stay.

Could it be our city motto, “Keep Portland Weird”, that ushers them in and keeps them wanting more? Stay any length of time and you’ll quickly discover your own “weirdness” factor in whatever flavor you desire.

Keep Portland Weird was originally brought to Portland in 2003 as a way of promoting local businesses, encouraging individualism, expressionism, local art, as well as atypical lifestyle choices and leisure activities. You’ll find the slogan all around town, on bumper stickers, public buildings and signs. Look a little further and you’ll find many businesses incorporating the concept into the way they operate.

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum. You’ll find all the things your dreams (and possibly your nightmares) are made of. You’ll find a one of a kind experience of fascinating Sci-Fi art exhibits, historical oddities and other artifacts that will have you wondering what urban legends are real.

Stark’s Vacuum Museum. Possibly the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, Stark’s Vacuum Museum will provide you with a fascinating look at the progression of the vacuum cleaner over the years.

The Shanghai Tunnels. Imagine walking along the waterfront and being grabbed or kidnapped, only to be sold to sea captains and forced to work aboard ships for no pay. Portland was unique in that trap doors were built to allow unsuspecting victims to fall into the Portland Underground world and held in cells until the ship was ready to sail. This tour will bring you back to the time when walking the streets of Portland may have been just a little life-threatening.

Fascinating, right?

Now that you’re ready to look for a new home in Portland, how can you keep that spirit as you find the perfect place to call home?

  1. Build Your Home Anywhere

Take a look around Portland and you’ll find lots of opportunities to build the new home of your dreams. Sure, you can stick with a new neighborhood that is redesigning the entire community. But you’ll also find equal opportunity in living in a location that’s been around for awhile. Choose a spot where vacant land sits between two homes. Or try reconstructing an old house and making it modern and convenient. Not every builder can help you create the home of your dreams no matter where you decide that dream should be. We do.

  1. Take Advantage of Green Technology

A new home in Portland can mean creating one of the greenest homes around. Portland has long since been recognized as one of the greenest cities in America. With its approach to urban planning and enough outdoor spaces to keep you active all year through, it’s easy to see why Portland will keep its eco-friendly status for many years to come. With aggressive green building initiatives, a comprehensive light rail and bus system, bike lanes that can keep you moving all across the city, and more than 74 miles of hiking, running and biking trails within the city limits, you can easily remain faithful to your green roots no matter where you go.

And when it’s time to head home, why not bring that same technology back into your home as well. By building a new home in Portland with a builder that is committed to being green, you’ll discover a wide variety of opportunities for every choice you make. From Energy Star ratings to Built Green certifications, knowing you’re helping the world be a better place is just a Portland thing to do.

  1. Utilize All of Your Space

There’s something about the customization process that lets you use your space a little more efficiently. You start to notice nooks that have no function, open spaces that have no benefit. Why not customize your space with things that are important to you?

Like housing your wine collection in a variety of unique ways. Wine is a big part of Portland culture. With hundreds of wineries a short drive away, we know collecting wine is as popular as moving to Portland. But what do you do with those extra bottles? Display them until they are ready to drink, of course. We’ve helped create customized wine cases throughout our homes. How about tucking them into a wine cellar that fits snuggly under your staircase? Or a wine rack built directly into the island in your kitchen? Or even one that fits comfortably in the wall. If you have the vision, we can help find a way to make it a reality into your new home plans.

  1. Turn Your Master Bath into a Master Spa

Admit it; you’ve always dreamed of bringing the spa into your home. Who doesn’t want those multi-head showers that can rain down and wash away the stress? Or a steam shower built in that allows you to lie down and relax? Or what about a jet tub that provides just enough bubbles to forget all the things on your to-do list for tomorrow? Ahhh.

When choosing to build a new home in Portland with a helping hand from a custom builder, you can have anything you’ve ever dreamed about, and maybe a few things you haven’t. Because we stay on top of the trends, what’s popular, what’s “in”, we’ll also be able to help you create any experience you choose.

Ready to make Portland your new home headquarters? Trust a builder that knows how to give you everything you demand from living right here, in Portland.