6 Benefits of New Housing Developments

Are you in the market for a home? Congratulations on taking that big step! Whether you are a first-time homeowner or simply looking to make a change, buying a home is always a huge life choice.

In this day and age, looking for new homes can prove to be quite a challenge, as home prices are regularly on the rise in our coveted neck of the woods. You have the option of purchasing an older home, that will probably require some updates, or taking advantage of a new home settled in a new housing development. While each option has its pros and cons, purchasing a newly built home is a great choice. Here are 6 benefits of opting for new housing developments:

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1. Nearly limitless customization options

When you buy an older home, your options are fairly limited when it comes to customization. Or, if you do want custom work done, it can cost you a fortune in hiring contractors and having parts of your house torn down and replaced. If, however, you are in the market for a newly built home, you can have all of your custom work done up front. If you see a feature in a model home that you particularly like, you can simply have it added to yours. If, on the other hand, you dislike certain features of a home, you can ask that they are left out.

Every detail is yours to customize; everything from the color of the walls to the location of each window. If you consult with your builder before the home is built, you will have an easy time getting the home you want, as well. You will not need to hire any contractors or do any of the work on your home yourself.

2. New housing developments mean the latest in technology

Older, used homes mean older technology and older designs. Older technology means costly repairs and higher energy bills. In a newly built home, everything is brand new and will last you for many years. For example, a new home with a new air conditioning system will save you in expensive repairs and will also save you money on your energy bills. Modern technology is equipped with the latest in energy-saving technology. ENERGY STAR appliances will save you money while also being beneficial to the environment; new housing developments should have these features while older homes most likely will not. New homes will also boast up-to-date wiring and cabling for features such as your internet. Again, this can save you a fortune on contractors when you have to have the oldest features of the home replaced.

3. Cheaper maintenance

Newer homes also mean less money spent on repairs in the home overall. As a house gets older, it becomes worn out and requires more and more work to maintain. Eventually, the various costs of small repairs in your home will add up and you will find yourself spending a great deal of money fixing things every year. The other option is to let things go unrepaired, however, this can lead to some real safety concerns over time!

With a new home, repairs will cost you significantly less as everything will be in tip-top shape. Buying an old home can also lead you to be surprised by unexpected problems. While you will do your research on any home you purchase beforehand, old homes are more likely to have issues that slip by unknown until they become a large problem later on. New homes are much less likely to face this issue.

4. Potential costs saved on purchases

While newer homes do generally cost a good amount more money than older homes, you will also find a lot of savings are being passed along to you if you buy a newer home. For example, sellers trying to unload an older home tend to overestimate its value; you could end up paying more than the home is really worth. With newer homes, however, this is generally not the case. Newer homes cost more but you are more likely to be able to cut deals with builders who have no sentimental attachment to the brand-new homes they have made.

You can save money in other ways, as well. For example, when financing your home, new home developers often have their own financing companies whom you can negotiate with in order to save a little money on your mortgage. If you purchase an older home you are much less likely to be able to get a deal like this. There is also the potential benefit you will receive on your taxes when buying in new housing developments; not the least of which comes from the extra energy efficiency that a modern home provides.

5. Safety

Newer homes are safer. Older homes may have worn-out safety features or safety features that were in place before the passing of modern zoning laws that help to keep a home safe. One example is fire safety; old homes are often susceptible to dangerous fires, while new housing developments make use of fire retardants that didn’t exist when those homes were built.

Today, safe flame retardants can be built into everything from the carpeting to the insulation, rendering your home much safer from fires than ever before. Modern technology also makes other features of the home safer, such as garage doors and security systems that help to deter crime. Older homes will not have these safety features unless you pay a lot of money to have them installed.

6. Benefits to the local economy

Buying a custom-built home also benefits your community by providing work for local skilled laborers. When looking to have a new home custom built, you will want to be able to look at model homes for the latest trends to get an idea of what will suit you best. If you can visit a local model home and consult with a custom home building company, you will be able to have something built to the specifications you want while benefiting your community. In the Vancouver and Tri Cities areas, New Tradition Homes is a wonderful company that can design and build a custom home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come!